Friday, April 15, 2011

(Graduation) Diner Dash

It's Kuya Carlo's (Paolo's brother) graduation celebration at City Best Restaurant in Scout De Guia/Tomas Morato last Wednesday. We had a hard time deciding on where to eat so we ended up dining there because it's his Mom's favorite.

We saw ABS-CBN, GMA and Viva vans parked outside the restaurant so we knew there's something going on. Haha, check--it's Cristine Reyes' presscon for her movie, Tumbok. The boys got so excited so we really had no choice but to eat there. 

Unfortunately, our food was served an hour and a half after placing our orders. Booyah. We have taken soooo many pictures around already and what's worse is that the family next our table was served with food first when in fact, we arrived 30 minutes ahead of them. The setting's very similar to Diner Dash!

 My boyfriend's family with cousins and nephews. 

With Paolo's only sister, Patricia and youngest brother, Miguel. 

One of our many wacky moments together. 

But hey, we still try to be serious at times! 

"The Gancia Ladies". :) Me, Patricia, Tin (Kuya Carlo's wife) and Tita Donna (Paolo's Mom). 

While we were waiting...

And since we were damn hungry, we strolled around and tried to sneak into the function room where the presscon was held.

With Cristine Reyes after the presscon.

Bored (and hungry) to death despite our frequent follow-ups, I asked Patricia to accompany me outside and to take pictures of me beside ABS-CBN's and GMA's vans! :D

 But wait, there's more! I found a TV5/News5 van parked at the backdoor! THUMBS UP!

The celebration must have been perfect but the venue just ruined it. Sayang, the food's awesome pa naman. We've been eating here for n times, what happened to your service, City Best? Or should we call you City Stress this time?

Anyhoo, congratulations, Kuya Carlo!!! *confetti* :)

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