Monday, April 04, 2011

My Wild Side

My love for animal prints will never cease. I fell in love with it when I was 17, when I saw my Mom's Elle bag hanging by her bag stand. At first, parang pang-matanda sya, but no, it's ohsum! From that day on, I started collecting stuff with animal prints. 

Dresses, shoes, slippers, bags, pouches, wallets, scarves, baskets, boxes, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, carpets, bangles, headbands, necklaces, rings, undies, pens, notebooks, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!! My room is like a jungle--a jungle with monkeys and Hello Kittys and Winnie the Poohs when you look at it.

But of course I don't wear leopard over leopard or zebra over zebra. I'm keeping it subtle just how I keep being nautical subtle. One or two items a day is a-okay because my wallet's tiger-printed. I just want to be simply wild. Haha! :)

Topping my list of animal-prints are zebra and leopard.

I really feel glad that everytime I go out with families and friends, they get my attention when they see something animal-printed. Officemates, Mom, my sisters, Paolo, his sister Patricia... all of them. Mom also calls me whenever she watches TV and sees someone with a leopard-print shoes or zebra-print bag. I like it everytime they say, "It's so you!" because yes, it's so me, really!

And now I have another favorite--snakeskin ♥. Mama's personalized, vintage sunnies started it. I have a pair of snakeskin flat sandals (which I got from Celine last December but haven't worn it even once yet). The dress I wore during my cousin's wedding has silver snakeskin accent too if you take a closer look at it. Recently, I bought a snakeskin satchel just because I'm also going to collect satchels and better to get my first one in a print I am in love with. 

And upon showing this satchel to Mom, she gave me the bag I've been looking for in my closet for weeks!

The purple Fion hand bag Mama gave me three years ago. I am excited to use these bags and I am beyooond excited to collect more snakeskin stuff. I promise to take pictures of it! And with that, I will also post a photo of me wearing my snakeskin crop top I got from Royal Kouture.


  1. I love the zebra prints! They are so fun and can add so much to an outfit! I just got a new zebra handbag and love spicing up my clothes with it!

  2. I know! Animal prints instantly glam up any plain outfit! Thanks for reading my blog! :-)