Monday, April 04, 2011

100 Years of Nestle

Nestle will always be a part of the Filipino families' daily lives. I started drinking Milo when I was 3 because I don't like the way milk tastes. But just like any other kid, I made papak Nido when Mom's not around. Fresh milk and Bear Brand Sterilized Milk are such exemptions because I find it yummy. Growing up, I munched on Koko Krunch alone and when I finally had the chance to drink coffee, of course we had Nescafe and Coffeemate at home.

My other Nestle favorites are Fruit Selection Yogurt, Chuckie, Maggi Savor (haha, yes!), KitKat and Butterfinger. Safe to eat, nutritious, delicious.

Other than giving us "Good Food, Good Life", Nestle is also passionate about quality and is very committed to reach their consumers exactly the way their brands become everyday essentials. They make sure to touch our hearts.

For their 100th year as the leading nutrition, health and wellness company, Nestle Philippines has made a mark yet again with their newest TVC: 


The very first time I saw this TVC, it made me teary-eyed. I even thought it's for Nido alone. Omg, whoever conceptualized and directed this TVC is a genius! Not to mention the part where the couple got married.. very 90's! I clearly remember the style of the groom's barong and the bride's teased hair--my favorite part. Watch it all over again you'll see Nestle's most famous brands like Bear Brand, Milo, Nido, Nescafe, Coffeemate and Nestea. I hope I didn't miss any here. :) Plus, plus, plus! The song will really make us cry. Aww. ♥

Thank you and congratulations, Nestle Philippines! More power and continue to uphold the values of good food and good life! :)

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