Friday, April 29, 2011

That Girl: Vina Marcela Co

Height doesn't matter, yes. If tall girls can turn heads, well, petite girls can break necks.

She is my cousin's old flame. She is my godsister's best friend. She is close to my family and almost close to becoming a part of it (but that's totally a different story!). We used to have drinking sessions together with the rest of my cousins and eat at Julie's after party. She is very bubbly, charming and always full of life--dumb moments with her is definitely impossible.

She is sometimes your typical teenager who takes a lot of pictures of herself, posts everything on Facebook and she will instantly be an internet sensation a la Tricia Gosingtian getting a lot of hypes, likes and comments minutes after.  

 She has a regular routine of spending time at coffee shops with friends like everyone else.

Of course she has her "wacky" photos...

...but only her can do the "wacky" pose very wacky. Pak! [Original caption:
YAN ANG WACKYYYYY!!! Ano baaaaa!! :))))))))]

She plays role in front of her web camera too, in a royal way. (Her crown matches the Royal Wedding I'm watching right now.)

She has her "make-me-beautiful" moments... well as her "naturally-beautiful" times!


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