Monday, April 18, 2011

This is Philippines

I just want to show the other beautiful side of my beloved Philippines. While I'm on a quest to find the perfect getaway this summer, might as well help those who are on a quest too! Come and join me! :)

The photos below are definitely the country's most popular beach destinations. Tipong unang tingin pa lang, alam mo na kung saan.







Now take a look at these:

Can you guess where these photos were taken? THIS IS PHILIPPINES. You need not to be surprised. We live in such a beautiful country, a country consists of 7,107 islands. God's masterpiece, something Filipinos should brag about. Aren't you glad that there's no need to secure a Visa to get in here, that you don't have to worry about culture shock and the like. So what are your answers? (Clue: These destinations are the same as above.)

I've been to 5 of these 7 places so I'm really looking forward to see the other 2 this year. I have actually bought 2 new pairs of bikinis earlier today so imagine my excitement. It's a score to buy travel essentials prior to your trip to make your expenses a little lesser. Score that!

Going back, while I was doing a research about where to go this summer, I stumbled upon these two new next big thing in the tourism industry.


BELLAROCCA ISLAND RESORT AND SPA in Marinduque. A Santorini-inspired resort located in the southern part of Luzon, approximately 30 minutes away from Manila via air passage. Managed by Genesis Hotels and Resorts Corporation (Astorias, One Tagaytay, etc), Bellarocca opened last 2009 and became fully operational just last year. One extra good thing about the resort? It is composed of all-Filipino management team contributing to social, economic and personal growth of its community.

I'd really love to visit this Filipino paradise, another world-class beauty in our native land. To know more about Bellarocca, check out their website.

Pilipinas, tara na!

Answers: Panglao, Boracay, El Nido, Cebu, Pagudpud, Davao and Siargao.
Images from various websites searched through Google; Bellarocca images from 

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  1. Beautiful, twin! I'm so proud, Davao's there. Hahaha