Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Justin Bieber in Manila

I may be a week late to rant about Justin Bieber's My World Tour in Manila last May 10, 2011 in SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds but heck yeah, I loved the concert so there's no stopping me in blogging about him.

First of all, I would like to thank (HAHA BEAUTY PAGEANT?!) my TV5 Kapatids, the Happy Network for giving me the opportunity to watch JB and of course Smart Communications, the Philippines' leading wireless services provider (MIGHT BE THE REASON GLOBE FAILED BIGTIME THAT NIGHT!) . Plus, plus, plus the VIP car pass that our Marketing Head gave me because the parking in MOA is always tragic, it made our life easier last Tuesday.

I am actually not a Belieber but I like Justin Bieber and I love him now after watching his concert. He was a real professional performer because he still broke a leg despite the fact that he was sick. He still gave his 101% shot, danced into the groove, sang at the top of his lungs and made young girls kilig to the bones. He surely says never say never!

It's given that I'm going to watch this with Paolo. There's no need for an explanation. I know it may seem quite unbelievable to see him watch Justin Bieber but he frankly said he enjoyed the night! Behind us were young girls who screamed and cried when Justin showed off the stage for the first time. I swear it gave me goosebumps! Young girls accompanied by their parents, parents so happy to see their little girls happy, so sweet!

And so we watched it in Silver FF. Thanks, Ms. Jane Walker!☺ Btw, please understand that I don't take good pictures. Haha. I don't care if it's resolution/color/exposure is bad but just don't mind. So here's an adorb photo of Justin Bieber which reminds me of my childhood sweetheart Aaron Carter, our generation's Justin Bieber equivalent.

This must be one of my favorite JB snapshots in my camera.

He played the guitar while singing I'll Be. He looked like a real young adult here wearing his signature color, purple.

 Perhaps, this was the moment that he searched for his OLLG. He was staring at someone...

And boom, ONE LESS LONELY GIRL was also wearing purple!

That should be me, LOL!

According to the little research I did over Google, the One Less Lonely Girl of Manila is Kathleen Kaye Pesante. I saw her whispering "I love you!" in the screen while looking straight into Justin's eyes. Aside from being the One Less Lonely Girl aka OLLG, she's also the ONE LUCKY, LUCKY GIRL!

Justin also played the drums after introducing his band and his dancers. YOU ALREADY! Very, very, very talented indeed!

I only have a few feedback about the concert. 1.) I hope there'll be no chairs anymore so people can dance, jump and have MORE fun and 2.) I wish that the audience will dance when the performers say, "Dance," will jump when the performers say "Jump," will clap when the performers say "Clap your hands, everybody! Everybody, clap your hands!" OKTNXBYE. :)

PS: I love you, Justin Bieber. ♥ 
Up next, Miley Cyrus! It's gonna be a party in the USA Manila!

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