Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kiddie Party

My girlfriends and I started the month of May with a kiddie party. Gian, Jovy's nephew, turned 5 and we're invited at the Mariano's residence somewhere in Project 6, QC. And no, we're not the typical guests because Rachel hosted the party, I led the prayer, Kim, Jovy and Susie were the game facilitators and we all participated in the game... PABITIN!

Young at heart! We did not mind wearing party hats and getting ourselves balloons!

I decided to wear a tucked-in Hello Kitty shirt too because it was soooo freaking hot outside. It suits the event because most of the little boys were wearing Ben 10 shirts including the birthday boy. 

 Susie, me, Kim, Rachel, Pia, Jovy.

We scream dirty ice cream in cheese, mango and melon flavor! Perfect for summer!

It's the dirty ice cream we couldn't get enough last Sunday. That was a major treat and kinda relieved us from the hot weather. Imagine a party at three in the afternoon where the sun is enjoying its peak? Now I am craving for some more!

 We found Rachel's long lost son, Haze, during the party too!

Meet Haze, a cute little boy who grew up in Dubai. His Filipino parents decided to go back here a week ago. He turned out to be Gian's instant playmate and Rachel's son! So cute and adorable that when we asked him what he wanted to eat, he answered, "Something good for my diet. Carbonara, maybe?" Epic!

And there you go, ladies and gentlemen! Here's a photo of Haze enjoying his creamy carbonara!

We really had fun celebrating Gian's birthday! It's a good reminder too that we're all good friends for 5 years now! We remember Gian only as a baby and seeing him again last Sunday and hearing him talking is reminded me of our college days!

Kiddie parties are love! It's like a preparation for us because I know sooner or later, we'll be throwing parties for our little ones! Up next, Phoebe's baby girl, Kara! :)

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