Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Naughty-cal Party

It's Rachel's birthday yesterday, August 9, and we celebrated it ahead of time. She booked one of Victoria Court's thematic room, Austin Powers, and asked all her guests to wear their best NAUGHTY-CAL attire! It was my first time to enter a motel so I never had the chance to explain to my parents where Paolo and I were going last Saturday night!

I'm not surprised to see gals in stripes upon my arrival. Almost all girls came in stripes of white and different colors, flats and skirts while I opted for a pure denim blue high waist pants and heels.

L-R: Kitty, me, Susie, Kim E., Cham and Jovy.

 Cross-processed these because I grabbed 'em from Kim E.'s Facebook, thus a poor image quality!

Paolo sat beside Georty, his high school friend, who happens to be my friend as well from grade school!

The night started with a bottle of Red Horse and crispy pata! Yum!!! The camera caught me red-handed with a bottle of this kicking alcoholic bevarage and a crispy pata on the other hand while wearing Cham's black and white feathered earrings.  

 Marianne x Paolo

Jovy x Marianne: BEFORE

Jovy x Marianne: AFTER

Jovy NEVER smokes! And she will never smoke! Props only!!!

Cham also tried the GANGSTAHHHH look c/o Pao's and Georty's caps!

At last, photo op with the birthday girl!

The happy crowd when Rachel pole-danced! We all screamed for more!

One of Paolo's many, many, many wacky moments with me! And I can't remember why I was holding another stick of cigarette... I must say, "Props only!" again!

The crispy pata is to die for! Really!

Moments before the other girls left, we tried pole dancing! Hahaha! It was soooo hard!

Also, the ba-næ-na shake was epic!


A "somehow" decent pic! Jovy, Susie, me, Kim and Cham!

OMG I tried to pole dance but I gave up easily... I went back drinking my banana shake again!

Rachel added Fundador in my glass of Badtrip! Ughhhh much!

All my photos with Cham are blurry, I wonder why.

I don't have a decent photo with Rachel but here's one photo of her, which I bet, she'll never remember!

Happy birthday, Chel! xx

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