Monday, October 03, 2011

Triple Planking Celebration

The busiest quarter of the year is finally here. My planner is filled with such exciting events and celebrations and I started it right on the very first day of the month. October 1 may not be that perfect because 1.) there's typhoon Quiel and 2.) the FEU Tamaraws lost against the ADMU Blue Eagles but the best award goes to those who accept defeat. And it was a good fight and a great entertainment. :)

I may have two reasons to frown but I also have three reasons to celebrate! My friend Mia who turned 23 last September 23 had a late celebration with us on October 1 which is a perfect day to celebrate because it's also the "monthsary" of our group, Monthly Period. The third reason is, my GBF Toto leveled up his career as an IT expert of a Japanese company. He was regularized last week! Congratulations!

So here it goes~

1. TotoBeeh's regularization treat. We had a sweet dinner at Krispy Kreme. I had KK's special UAAP doughnut, the FEU Raging Tamaraws doughnut. I was also eager to taste its Mango Kreme smoothie but unfortunately, there was none so I opted for the Mocha Latte instead.

We heart Krispy Kreme!

We planned to try Agave Mexican Cantina but when Mia arrived, our lazy hormones went to the extremes so we walked around the area until we reached the friendship bridge connecting TriNoma and SM North Edsa. Everyone's so hyper due to sugar intake that we all planked on the bridge! It was so funny coz the place seemed to be so quiet and safe that time. It felt good to act insane in a public place!!!

L-R: Aiza, Toto, Ahyin and Mia.

Aiza and Toto.

Mia and I.

I posed for more! Hahaha Mia and I, again.

We also took advantage of the bridge. As I've said, there's only a few people who crossed it so we didn't feel we were somewhere in North Ave/Edsa! And also, it looked so clean!!! I hope overpasses/footbridges in the metro are as clean as this!

Mia and I dreamed of having a picture here.

Dress code: Summer or winter? Hahaha!

We so missed each other. ♥

2. Mia's 23rd birthday. Finally, the group decided to spend the night at Gerry's Grill in Sky Dome. Boo, boo, TriNoma closes early even on weekends. We still had blue margaritas there even if we ditched the Agave plan. Not just margaritas but margaritas paired with crab rice!

We thank heavens for Ahyin's cool tripod which looks like a fishing rod!

Our (very royal) blue margarita ♥

It's closing time.

We didn’t know that Gerry’s Grill in Sky Dome also closes at 1. I can’t believe it.. but of course, I do get them, they’re located in a mall. The night’s young, we couldn’t believe we’re going home at past midnight. We’re only on our second celebration! 

3. Monthly Period's monthsary. We thought our margarita's safe to drink but after consuming a pitcher, we felt different! We detoured to Starbucks at ELJ Building in ABS because we thought the shop’s open 24/7 but noooo! It closes at 2:00 in the morning. Fail. If we only knew, we drove to Tomas Morato instead. Haha! I guess it’s a sign for us to go home earlier than what we originally planned. 

 Frap on a cold midnight. I love!

 Nagulat ako sa flash!

I love this "simple" photo of me! No makeup!

When Starbucks closed, we stayed for a little while outside feeling the cold breeze brought by typhoon Quiel. I am so happy to be with them again. Roan, Jessica and Une missed this very happy celebration but since it’s Jessica’s birthday tomorrow, I know another celebration is just a few sleeps away. 

 What I wore!

I also found the perfect time to wear the fringed boots I thrifted last June. Hey hey hey yeah, it's a party in the USA! I felt warm and my feet were safe! Let's all keep dry in this rainy weather!


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