Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Booty!

Sharing you the plain formats from the photobooth during Mon and Kim's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for the photos from Ruffa and Mike though! I wanna see the flower/garter portion of us! Really can't wait!

Anyway, quite sad that I don't have a set with the other girls/friends. I was so busy eating!!! Paolo and I just pleased the photobooth people to allow us to have a set taken aside from the bridesmaids and groomsmen's turns. Booooooo!

With lovey! ♥

Paolo and I seldom abuse free photos haha! We have one or two shots taken during his cousin's wedding and our friend's baby boy's baptism.  

 Manoy & Ninay, March 2011.

Kobe's Christening, January 2011 (Can't find the collage-like one!).

See how much we've changed! My hair and his hair are longer! Going back, during M+K's wedding--

The couple with the groomsmen. The bride is so purdyyy here! ♥

The bridesmaids (me, Susie, Jovy, Pia and Rachel) with Kim and...

Rachel's Christian Loubotin! #shealready

That's it! I miss updating my blog with recent events, I swear I'm so busy with work now. And something really cool is about to happen but naaaah I'm still not sure about it though. I'll keep my mouth shut and will not talk about it until I confirm it. :)


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