Friday, November 11, 2011

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Hate the fact that the NAIA Terminal 1 is the world’s worst and most hated airport? Why not find the best out of the worst? Together, let’s prove the world that the Philippines is not the home of the worst and the most negative of all descriptions by supporting the Puerto Princesa Underground River to make it to the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Hurry, we only have one hour left!

I’m proud to say that my Mom grew up in Puerto Princesa City and I myself have already witnessed the beauty of the underground river. It is a paradise! Monitor lizards, monkeys, bats—living creatures that support the biodiversity of this place situated in Sabang, Palawan.

The last time I went there was 2009. Two years ago, the Department of Tourism invited the Top 40 Tourism students of selected universities to an all-expense (yes, airfare, accommodation, and food, just bring yourself and your camera) trip to my Mom’s homeland, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It was a 5-day exposure to the beauty of the Philippines’ last frontier including a tour to the Underground River.

I've foreseen this: Someday, this spot will be known to the world.

Random photos of me. Behind me is the infamous cave which leads to the underground river.

Camera flash inside the cave is not allowed because it might scare the bats away. One of the best ways to help preserve the beauty of nature is to respect and follow the rules so there, I have no photos inside. I have some in the boat though.

Brackish water - a level of water between a fresh water and a saltwater. Remember Science taught us that rivers and seas are connected? :) This is the area where these waters meet.

 Fresh water behind me, next to that is the saltwater. Cool, yeah?

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is also a home to mangroves!

With college friends and my girl friend Anne Roldan. :)

One hour left! Come on, let's support the Puerto Princesa Underground River by clicking here. You may also want to win P 25,000,000.00 (yes, twenty-five million pesos in words) by texting PPUR and send it to 2861.


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