Monday, December 05, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Twenty days from now, the whole world will celebrate my most favorite time of the year. Simbang Gabi, Christmas parties, exchange gifts, wish lists and the preparation of resolutions of what and what-nots on 2012. I have yet to admit that as of this moment, I don't feel like Christmas is fast approaching because 1.) rainy days are still here, 2.) if rainy days aren't here, the weather makes me feel like it's summer 3.) TV5 doesn't have a company-wide Christmas party unlike last year, 4.) I haven't bought gifts for special people yet. But something has been convincing me since last night that it's almost Christmas, I have to get something for myself, too.

Instagram-ed this. I'm holding on to something that changed my plans this Christmas.

Ever since I got this book in my hands last Saturday, my mind was clouded with things like buying a complete makeup brush set from Suesh or Marrionaud, eyeshadow palettes from NYX, more lipsticks from different brands and buying a traincase or a cute lightweight vanity kit from Dashe Cosmetics. Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual has this effect on me, its impact is addicting, causing me to drool over things I don't really need but.. yeah, I can't sleep well for two days. A Bobbi Brown brand is not necessary. Sometimes, makeups, like clothes, doesn't need to be expensive. Let's say, I'm sacrificing a new shade of lipstick from MAC in exchange of three or four new shades from Maybelline. Not bad, right?

It's not easy being a girl yet I swear it's really, really fun! I don't want to sound materialistic but makeups, alongside clothes, shoes and accessories, are parts of womanhood!



  1. this book looks promising. parang i want it too :) haha!
    The Bargain Doll

  2. It will cause a major, major hole in your pocket! Not the book, but the content! :)

  3. Nice nails, ah!! And I looove your matryoshka signa. Russia, FTW! :)

  4. Thanks! :) Planning to change it this 2012 haha. Now I have second thoughts :)