Friday, December 02, 2011

Vinyl + Splash

I was an ultimate stage girlfriend last Saturday when my boyfriend's ad agency handled the Vinyl + Splash: The Ultimate Collectible and Comic Convention presented by Fully Booked together with Comic Odyssey, Vinyl on Vinyl and Red Nimbus. Paolo was also one of the official photographers of the event so I went there to see the country's first ever comic exhibit which will now benefit the United Nation's World Food Program to fight hunger.

The exhibit showcased collectibles like comic books, graphic novels, vinyl toys, street art and other pop culture collectibles and illustrations by Sarah Gaugler, Nemo Aguila, Mico Suayan and more plus the legendary "Joana Hex" artist, Mr. Tony De Zuniga.

Being a super duper girly girly, I admit I'm not into comics except for WITCH and Archie (hahaha) but I loooove watching comic-turned-to-a-movie films especially if it's from Marvel.

I also came from a beauty workshop/session with my colleague from TV5, Erica, at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines so, yeah, my face's kind of glammed up when I arrived at the event.

Carrying a CBTL paperbag with me. That's Erica's pabaon for me!

I love Hellboy!

A single piece touched by all participating artists! One of a kind!

The SQUIK work!

My favorite: SUPERMAN. That face is Jesus'.

Fully Booked was fully booked!

Sanya Smith made me look shorter!

With Gaby!

Mas close sila! Hahaha :D

With 2011 Comic-Con International Inkpot Award recipient, Mr. Tony de Zuniga.

With Mr. Tony de Zuniga, Ms. Chaty Yu of Contact IMC and Gaby de la Merced.



This event gathered a whopping P125,000.00! Congratulations to Fully Booked, Contact IMC, Vinyl on Vinyl, Comic Odyssey and Red Nimbus! Looking forward to the exhibit's second run next year! See more of the photos from Paolo's camera on Fully Booked's official Facebook account.



  1. Ohmygod, Sanya Smith is a giant! Amazona much?? I had to do a double take on Gaby DM's photos too. Danggg. I crush her so. <3 LOL. Inggit ako, twin! haha

  2. TWIN!!! It's you pala! Hee hee! Yes, look how tall Sanya Smith is! I looked like a "cute" elf. :)) Gaby is a nice girl, I crush her too!