Thursday, December 01, 2011

MARiS Muses: Birds Of The Same Feather

Mika Artienda of MARiS posted these videos on Vimeo two months ago and I only had the chance now to share this amazing scenes!

BG Music: Shoot the Moon by Norah Jones
Models: Mary Kaye Quong & Marianne Marcial
Make-up Artists: Bea Manzano & Tricia Gancia
Stylist: Marianne Marcial
Photographer: Mika Artienda
Shot on location: U.P. Field
Video by: Mika Artienda

The BTS clip of our MARiS: Birds Of The Same Feather was also posted! You can also take a trip down memory lane by clicking this and this to read my blog posts about this shoot!

Have fun watching! And oh, it's the first day of December! Though I'm not feeling well (I have a not-so-high fever, huhuhu), I'll start planning on my year-end posts!


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