Thursday, December 08, 2011

Yet Another Fash School

A couple of Saturdays ago, I received an invitation from one of the students of Fashion Institute of the Philippines who also happens to be my colleague from TV5. I giddily said yes the moment she asked me if I'm available on that day. Aside from modeling for this friend of mine, I wanted to inquire, to know the school's other offered courses and to also see the school for myself. I wanted to see how accessible FIP is, how clean its campus is and to know its difference from other fashion schools I've been to like the School of Fashion and the Arts.

Erica asked me to wear a bright, flowy top with a statement necklace so I planned to wear a plain yellow top and brought my MARiS Miss Pastel feather necklace. I also planned to wear something comfortable since I'll be going to support Paolo's Vinyl + Splash event with Fully Booked.


Forgive me but I really look so chubby here! I've been eating a lot after Kim and Mon's wedding and after our recent Boracay trip. But kebssss! It's the season to be jolly and chubby so diet resumes after the Yuletide season!


I'm quite lucky that the "lesson of the day" is about eye makeups! Yay for smoky eyes! <3 We were taught how to do the smoky eyes using bright colors (blue, green) and the basic colors (brown and black). I've always wanted to perfectly create the smoky eyes a la Penelope Cruz, remember? And the last time I adored this classic eye makeup was last September during a session with Paul & Joe's Judith Pia.

 Closer look you'll see the blue and green shadows used for my schmokey eyes!

Other version of smoky eyes using brown and black shadows.

Zzz :)

With TV5 PR specialist/FIP student/makeup artist, Erica Camagong. Naks!

Sheena Ramos of TV5 New Media also joined us.

Wing tip eyeliner on Sheena. And yes, if she looks familiar.. click here. Hehehe!

Erica, Sheena and I :)

With Ella, Erica's classmate :)

Hey it's Maxx... on the magazine!

After this beauty session with the girls, I headed off straight to High Street! Right time for my eye makeup to serve its purpose! 

With this happened, I fell in love deeper with makeups! I think I'm kinda obsessed with them now. And just last night, I bought the eyeshadow palette I've been eying on since Saturday. I may blog about it, let's see! For now, have a happy Thursday, don't forget to hear the Mass (it's Immaculate Conception Day) and later tonight I'll be attending a hiphop event with the boyf, yo! :)


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