Friday, December 09, 2011

Manila Kingpin and Purple Eyes

I love hiphop and I love Filipino hiphop even more. I support Filipino artists who want to make it clear that hiphop isn't about being gangstahhh and big shirts. Hiphop is music, it's an interpretation of what our beliefs are, an expression of our desires, feelings and more. Mike Swift is one of these Filipino artists who believe that "hiphop sa Pinas ay hindi magwawakas." He also supports our favorite Flip Top and has done working with the Master Rapper, the late Francis Magalona.

Anywaaaay, last night we attended a hiphop night hosted by the Konektado superstars Mike Swift and J-Hon. It's a party to support an entry to the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story and Mike invited us to meet the other Filipino hiphop artists like Mike Kosa, Jonan Aguilar, Quest and Fliptop idols Loonie and Abra and more.

Paolo's bestfriend-slash-other-man, Allan, joined us so I begged the latter's girlfriend to join us. Otherwise, I'll be the third wheel! Cha couldn't say no to us despite the late notice (we left at around 10:30 PM) and I missed her crazily I told her it's the perfect time for us to have a double date.

We were all having a good night when we noticed that Paolo left his camera in the car. It was raining hard last night and we parked somewhere beside Kyss so we couldn't go back anymore to get it. I hate using my iPhone's camera especially when I have no choice but to use its flash because it gives the photo a poor quality. But as I've said... I have no choice! I had to edit the photos using an app to make it look better.

With Cha ♥

Don't we all look good with purple eyes? Elizabeth Taylor (RIP) must be really beautiful in real life! Blaaaah... I filtered the rest of the photos in a 1960 effect to match it with Asiong Salonga! I figured out that purple eyes don't look good at men. Take a look at this --


1960 filter is better hahaha!

Allan and Cha/Mutya/Jonah!

Mike and his purple eyes, too!

Photo finale: The only photo I did not edit. Hahaha! They liked it this way.

We left at around 2 AM because of work, but nonetheless, the four of us enjoyed the night together. Can’t wait for our Christmas party with all our other couple friends RJ-Leslie, Jeff-Jen, Dianne-Christian, May-Ken etc.

And lastly, aside from Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, let’s support Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story starring Jeorge Estregan, Jr. and Carla Abellana. Watch its full trailer here: 


Cliché: Suportahan natin ang pelikulang Filipino! 


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