Monday, December 12, 2011

A Little Girl's Game

I'm a proud wanderlust but there are moments I want to cancel all my plans and just stay at home, read a book, spend time in my room alone or do nothing at all. It's not about being lazy, but I guess this is normal especially to those who love going out and hanging out with friends and loved ones. My body deserves a break, I must say and I bet everyone agrees. The weather is also a factor why I chose to stay in this past weekend. I cancelled my Christmas shopping plan last Saturday and ditched the picnic plan in Tagaytay with my cousins yesterday (they went without me hahaha I'm not that special, FYI). So I bonded with my Mom, went to the spa with my Dad last night and treated him for a massage...  but before that, I found the chance to try the new eyeshadow palette I got from e.l.f. last Wednesday.

I tried to apply the smokey eye effect on me for the second time and I guess it's quite successful. Kudos to Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book! It's very useful even for beginners like me. The instructions given are not difficult to understand. But I was such a loser for failing to get decent photos of myself due to bad lighting, camera shaking and reasonssss. I tried using my camera and my phone but all photos are still lame. The best ones I can show you are from my Photo Booth. Heee at least I have some to show you! :)

It's good for a starter like me! I claim it!

I have to work on my brows, though.

Wind effect!

Reasons of my desires.


My eyes are really not noticeable unless you see it for real. Maybe next time I'll ask a good photographer to do me a favor and take good photos for me in a nice lighting spot. And oh, if you're wondering why I made A Little Girl's Game a title, it's because I felt like a little girl drooling over her Mom's makeup collection, put its shimmer onto her face, in her Hello Kitty shirt.

Have a great Monday morning and have a happy week ahead! :)


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  1. Gorgeous makeup! :)