Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Power Cuffed Girl

Hi readers! This is a quick post on what made my day today (we all have our shallow sides)!

I had no idea that cuffed pants are so back in the season until I read an email message from Who What Wear this morning. I rarely wear pants these days because I'm running out of new and nice tops so most of the time, I wear dresses. Just to show you what I'm wearing as of the moment:

Sorrehhh for this lame photo!

And then I saw this in my mailbox--

Farrah jeans from Buffalo David Bitton.

I preferred wearing flats but cuffed pants can be worn with almost any kind of shoes!

I roll with Ashley, Rihanna, Rachel, etc! Roll your eyes if you disagree, give me a drum roll if you're with me. #corny Again, sorry for posting lame and grainy photos. I really have to learn taking outfit shots (and I need someone to patiently take photos for me). We'll soon be there!


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  1. i missed reading posts from your blog! <3 love the pants!:) Rovie, The Bargain Doll