Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The College Life I Had

Graduation photos all over my Facebook news feed, congratulatory banners from the politicians, job fairs for the newly-grads and more. It's the season of celebration for those who made a triumphant journey: almost sixteen years in school and finally, sleepless nights are over, no more dilemma on strict professors and above all, the smile we'd see on the faces of parents upon seeing their children wearing toga and receiving their precious diploma. Priceless.

I once said this three years ago in my Multiply blog:

Mixed emotions! Totoo pala, akala ko cliche lang. Masaya kasi graduate na, no more homeworks, no more researches, no more feasib and no more OJT! No more terror professors and stupid irregular blockmates. Malungkot kasi hindi mo na sila makikita almost everyday. Yung mga taong tinuring mo na na kapamilya mo. Yung tipong sa araw-araw na lang na ginawa ng Diyos kasama ko si Cha, Phoebe, Kim, Jovy, Anne, Cheenee, Susie and Miles. 

 I waited for Jovy outside, because Marcial and Mariano are forever seatmates, and in less than 20 minutes, she arrived. We got inside first then finally saw Cheenee and Susie. Kim arrived. We wore our togas together, and went to the Breezeway.

I had goosebumps as we walked outside. Seeing familiar faces wearing togas made my heart pound faster. These are the people I used to see wearing the same uniform with mine, the people I shared my lectures with. I realized we'll eventually leave college, and everything will only be a memory.

During our two-hour stay on the assembly area, we took all the time to take pictures together. We captured every moment given to us, until we were asked to fall in line in alphabetical order. It's 4PM. It's officially our graduation.

Let's now take a trip down memory lane. I never thought that such day would come where I'd love to look back and see my younger face together with the people I used to spend my everyday life with.

Days before our much-awaited graduation ceremonies, we had our Baccalaureate Mass where I've seen my classmates wearing dresses inside the classroom. My circle of friends and I kept closer ever than the usual, we were all inseparable.

The FEU Grandstand is a witness to our friendship.

A small portion of our classroom.

Girlfriends: Annie, Susie, Kimmie, Cheenee, Miles, Jovy, Yannie, Phoebe and Chachee. All pronounced with -ie.

The day we officially called ourselves GRADUATES OF 2009, four days after our Baccalaureate Mass:

Here we are wearing our toga with our hair sporting almost the same shade.

Wackies in green!

My feasib/thesis mates: Bianca, Abbie, Mae, Rachelle and Doms. Reunion, please?

 Our entire class: T0541

The feeling got more intense when we went inside the hall, seeing almost a thousand of other students waiting for the moment to get up on stage and receive their diplomas. The ceremony started 4:00 in the afternoon, the perfect time to hear your stomach rumble because it's hours after lunch, hours before dinner and no snack time in between. But in our case, we did not feel any roaring at all. No amount of food can ever fill our grateful souls. Naks!

Also, not to brag about this, but one of the best gifts I've ever received in my whole life is my award as an honor student. My academic story is so precious and I know that this is something my parents will forever treasure and remember. From preschool to grade school to high school, I annually gave my parents a special gift by bringing them up on stage until I made a wide collection of certificates, ribbons and medals. In college, I encountered a lot of hardships--criticisms from professors which I never experienced in basic ed (my teachers from Araneta loved me to bits), disapproved and rejected project proposals--reasons why I decided not to join any extra-curricular activities so I can focus more on academic subjects (again, I joined all organizations and clubs and student council, dancing and theater groups in basic ed except BSP and math club). For the first time, I got a red mark on a quiz I took during our Law class and since then, vying for a Latin award seemed so impossible. Still, I worked hard in school. I worked hard in spending sleepless nights to memorize airport and airline codes, all the wonders of the world, reservation manuals, capital cities, currencies and foreign languages, studied beyond the basics of hotel and restaurant, business management, marketing, event handling and accounting. My college was made of these. 

Yet they say, "No pain, no gain." 

The best I've gained so far.

I still made it!

I will forever keep this piece.

It was surreal. I couldn't believe that after all the hardships I've gone through, I made it. I still made it. For the last time, I made Mom and Dad proud. And Paolo proud. It's sweet how a little sacrifice could eventually turn to a lifetime victory.

My super happy Daddy!

Ghetto, yea?

Three years have passed, I'm still seeing the same people except for the others who flew out of the country to find their career path. Others got married and some has children and most of us are enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

This one's for my sister who will finish college in less than a month, and to two of my other cousins, too. I want to congratulate you for conquering school and this may serve this as an inspiration to you and to all the remaining students that you may cherish the days while you're still at it. I often hear rants about how school gets tough. I once ranted, too and prayed for the day to see it all end. I say, appreciate school, it's the foundation of your future. And when you found it, keep it in mind and heart that it may lead you to the road of your success. I'm not telling you that I'm already successful, but considering myself as a part of the company I'm working at is an opportunity. In life, we need these three takes: take chances, take the risk, take one step at a time. Soon you're on your way, and the next thing you know, you're already there. Good luck!



  1. I also miss my college years! It thrills me to think that years from now, we'll all be seeing each other again, each with our own stories and life achievements :)

  2. Hi Aileen! Yes, I've always loved looking back (though I don't dwell on it too much). College and high school are equally made of fun memories.

    Thanks for reading. ♥

    Xx, Marianne :)