Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Of Summer: Potipot Island

Unplanned trips are, most of the time, the best! How often do you hear this? Me and my other groups of friends always find a hard time syncing all our busy schedules to go out of town and usually, the plans don't push through. So when you have the chance to go somewhere for the weekend and you've got friends who impulsively say yes to be with you a day before/on the very same day you plan to leave... pack your bags, leave and TREASURE THEM FOREVER. Times like this is definitely one for the books, and I'm pretty sure you're gonna roll! :)

Ever since Susie made Zambales her home extension, we have been planning to visit her and Neil. She never fails to tell us her story on how accessible the beaches are in Iba and have always used her magic spell on us: free accommodation. Neil is about to finish his term at All Asia Aviation Academy so he has free hours to spend with us and tour us around. Kim, Doms and I were honestly not sure if we could join in the fun that's why we just confirmed the trip two days before.

We left Friday evening to enjoy the whole day of Saturday in the beach. Kim brought a friend with her, JJ, so we traveled in even number--Doms, Kim, JJ and yours truly. It only took us 3 1/2 hours to get to Iba (we were told it would take us 5 hours) and how we got there was totally hilarious! Everytime I think about it, I can't help but laugh hard.


It's a choice between Anawangin and Potipot Island. Luckily, Doms has been to these two islands and he recommended Potipot because of its whiter sand (however, we are planning to go back and see Anawangin soon). We got up Saturday morning, around 9, and traveled up north.

From Dawal Beach Resort, you can see right away the beauty and whiteness of Potipot Island. We crossed the see the sea for only five good minutes and paid the boatman P400, round trip.

There you go! Welcome to Potipot Island! I'm very surprised on the whiteness of the island, I never thought it's as white as Panglao's! There's a fee (P100 for a day and P300 for overnight) and unfortunately, we were asked to pay in such a rude way.

Moving on, we had lunch the moment we found the perfect place to keep our things safe and dry and shaded. There are cottages in the island for P500 but there are tables under the tree for free. We all hate extra charges, don't we? So we opted to stay under the tree and besides, we were only staying for a day.

It's really sweet of Susie to prepare lunch for us: shrimp, chicken adobo, salted egg. It's a new her and we won't ask why. Ayeee! :)

That moment when Superloved is super hungry.

I know others are waiting for this: mix and match, bikini pics! Haha! Here it is --

I did not wear anything new. I just wore the top I wore in Bataan last year during Holy Week with its original pair, the purple bikini I used in Puerto Galera and Boracay in 2011. I also wore my see-through bottoms I used in Cebu to cover me up. That's just it, I spent no amount for this trip except for food and transportation.

There goes my belly. :)

Girls: me, Susie and Kimberly.

Plus the captain, Neil.

And the professor, Doms!

Meet JJ too! And here's the only group shot we had. Boo!

To cite Doms, "May area sa Potipot na pang-pictorial." Of course we didn't leave the island without taking photos in that area which Doms was referring to. We loved it! Temptation Island, indeed!

Picture perfect!

I ♥ stolen shots!

And speaking of stolen shots, I'm happy to found out that JJ takes good photos and he took us paparazzi-inspired photos! Some of my favorites are:

 "It pays to check the label."

"Test the water."

"ODK moments."

I just love this photo and made it my profile picture too!


While I'm asleep.

We went back to Iba before 6 to get ready for our BBQ party with Neil's "international" friends. But before that, we had a little grocery shopping to buy Magnum (Susie's really an influential person). Other photos were taken using Kim's camera so I've nothing to show you but this:


Hopefully, I'd be able to blog about our Subic trip soon. We had a day trip there as well before we officially ended our super short vacation. I want to share you our story about our personalized bus ride, our day in the park somewhere in SBMA, Doms' shopping spree at Freeport Zone and our super fulfilling late lunch at Xtremely Xpresso.

Xtremely Xpresso in Manila, please?

My first of summer is a big blast! Thanks to my pans and my mars for this ODK-worthy weekend! Looking forward to our next summer trips in Anawangin and Pinatubo! :)


  1. was it worth it to go in Potipot?

    1. Super worth it. May I suggest you stay overnight, too. :)

  2. hi nice photos.. how much your budget in Potipot? crowded ba kapg weekend?