Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Mallows

We've got wet summer this time but that doesn't bring us less things to do this season. Staying indoors this March is actually fun! I'm lucky I had the chance to go to the beach when the month has just started but for the rest of it, I had a lot of catch-ups with my groups from Monthly Period to Tropang Logbi plus our newest group, Temptation Island.

Meet my beautiful friends. They are the reason why I stay late at night, why I gain unwanted fats and pounds, why I can't cleanse my liver and most of all, they are the reason why I'm very happy these past few days. Remember the status update I posted in Facebook about a "friend"? These people take the pain away. Because of them I finally believe that in life, we don't need many friends. We only need a few real ones. They may be more than ten, but you know how this saying goes: The more, the merrier!

Monthly Period March celebration at El Pueblo.

With Susie and Kimmie, who'll give birth anytime soon!

Tropang Logbi for JC's birthday! Haha!

Two days after, we met up again. With Rachel this time!

With Leslie, Jen and Cha. :)

Boi + girls! Jeff ♥ Jen, Paolo and I, RJ ♥ Leslie, Allan ♥ Cha =)

College night with Susie, Doms, Nate and Kim E.

Temptation Island team with the pilots! (PS: Don't you love my orange blazer?)

March is about to end, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see Mika, Maro and Ailyn this weekend too. When that happens, I will officially mark March as my official Friendship Month!

PS: I'm trying to blog more often. More lifestyle posts in the future is what I've been praying for. Wish me luck!


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