Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is my boyfriend's 26th birthday.

We got together when he was 17 (...going on 18).

My Monday went on so fast and I was frustrated over a little but many things. But at the end of the day, I came to realize that tomorrow's another day and there are more than those little but many things that will make me happy. It's all about positivity, and faith, and love.

To the man who brings out nothing but happiness and contentment in my life, I wish you a happy, happy birthday! I am a big cheese, especially when it comes to you... and Leighton Meester. But for today I promise I'll stop thinking about her and how I captured the video of her waving and smiling back at me. Nyayahaha!

By this time I know you don't want me to look at you reading this. You hate it when I catch you smiling. You hate it when I demand you to read my blog. You hate it when I ask you how my writing was. And you hate it when I write all the mushy things about you *with pompoms*. But I know deep inside how kilig and how proud you are that someone like me write things about you.

Happy birthday and ily! :*


P.S.: Leighton Meester story will be posted very soon! Promise. Stay tuned. <3

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