Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leighton Meester in Manila

Five days have passed yet the feeling of seeing someone you adore so much is still new and fresh, it's still alive. It was so surreal for me! May 26, 2012 is one of the many dates in my life that I will forever and will always remember.

You know how much I love the fictional character Blair Waldorf. I can pass as one of the biggest and diehard fan of Gossip Girl in the country, ditching all other series only for this. Try Googling my Multiply blog. If we're contacts, you will know how much I pegged her wavy hair topped with a colorful headband. Whatever Blair says, I quote. I even incorporated her in my everyday life... well except for her love-hate relationship with her best friend, Serena. I know you got me. Whoever Blair loves, I love them for her too--be it Nate, Dan or Chuck. But of course it's only Chuck that she loves, therefore it's only Chuck that I also love! Even the French macaron craze, I had a box of Laduree delivered straight from France! All these and more, oh dear you know how much I love Blair!

But there goes this girl who made me love Blair Waldorf. And we all know who she is. Her name is Leighton, but she's not the crazy bitch we have all heard. She may be the good girl who gone bad, but when I saw her, she's the Leighton Meester I idolize. Simple, humble and even more beautiful than Blair Waldorf.

I wouldn't love the character of B if not for her. And even if she played the role of Vanessa or Jenny or Georgina, I would still vie for Leighton Meester.

And so!!!! Thank you, Penshoppe for bringing all stars in the Philippines, especially the biggest star of my life! I have never fangirl-ed before, I screamed like who-cares-if-someone-hears-me-scream-like-this! I shouted her name for countless times, told her "I love you" that even Mario Maurer couldn't understand why I was the only girl who did not go gaga over him.

I was seated in the front row of the runway and right in front of the stage. I was so blessed! The opportunity of seeing not just your girl-crush or whatever but seeing someone you never thought you would be seeing. It was like that. On the day Penshoppe confirmed that the Queen B was coming, I was thinking of going to NYC only to look for her. Then the radio played her song with Cobra Starship. I thought it's just a coincidence. But on that very same day, I was given the word not to lose hope of seeing her in person.

It may sound shallow, but trust me, I've gone sleepless nights! It's like a grade two student who can't sleep a night before his educational trip. And on the very same day I couldn't eat, I skipped breakfast and lunch and only realized I needed a meal two hours before the show.

The moment I arrived at SMX, I was surprised to see my media pass rated VIP. Taking a photo right beside her is more than enough, but what's important for me is to see her in person. We were not asked to fall in line, luckily. I seated on the section where fan girls like me would die for. Again, it was surreal. It was perfect. And God, she's so beautiful.

All photos (c) Marianne Marcial. Indulge in the beauty of the great Queen B with cutesy Mario Maurer! Xo Xo

Digicam on my left hand and iPhone on my right hand, both in action capturing the moments I will endlessly long for.

I looove this photo of her and Mario ♡ --

Leighton on the runway --

iPhone photos --

I love you, Leighton Meester!

Sorry to bombard you with photos, these are also 30% of what I have taken. I swear it was insane seeing her! She's so pretty, slim and so cute to say, "Thank you" to all her fans! Ahhhhh! I was out of my mind and didn't think of taking a photo of myself with her behind me. :D

 My seatmates Dale, who gave me passes, and Marj.

The entire Penshoppe fashion show will be posted in another entry together with the other shows I watched with my Aikabee. It's all because I want to dedicate this purely to me seeing Leighton Meester, living my dream for an hour or two and her noticing me.

Xo Xo



  1. Wow! Love this post! And you were lucky, you got to see her in person! Also You had good seats since it looked like you were so close to the runway. Amazing! :)

    xoxo Raffi! :)

    1. Thank you! :) I just can't believe I saw her in person. <3

  2. Even with little makeup, she looks gorgeous!