Friday, June 01, 2012

PH Fashion Week 2012

It's magic how I wanted to attend only a day of the entire stretch of this year's Philippine Fashion Week. Even without the idea of Leighton Meester joining Penshoppe, I had my tickets requested as early as May 05 for the May 26 shows of Sassa Jimenez and Veejay Floresco.

Of course, I went with my forever PFW buddy, Aika. We tend to do this annually! I missed her a lot, and she's the second most important reason why I was so excited for this day to happen. We also planned to meet Noelle and Jeanne, my SoFA capsule classmates. It was unfortunate to miss Jeanne this time, but Noelle, Aika and I did see each other.

Please don't expect a very detailed post about PFW here. What I'm about to write is actually my personal story. I would love to leave the fashion "says" to fashion bloggers, etc. :)

Now after rejecting five dresses, I ended up wearing the dress I wore during college graduation. Kasya pa din! I also wanted to wear something white, something comfortable. (Feeling ko kasi magwawala talaga ako pag nakita ko si Leighton!) And even if they say you should wear something fashionable or beyond fashionable at Philippine Fashion Week, I wore something that would represent my style--simple! Cliche, but with whatever you're wearing, you should feel beautiful. It's all about carrying yourself!


I liked the "Impact" show of Penshoppe. Its show went on from preppy clothes, bright and pastel colors, models in wigs a la Marie Antoinette, to black and white which I must say, is my favorite.

Bright and blonde.

 Black and white.

Aika and I also watched the 9.30 PM show of Sassa Jimenez, Yvonne Quisumbing, Lizanne Cua and EsAc by Raoul Ramirez, Lyle Ibanez and AudieAe. No good photos to show but I have cute ones to post. Hehe.


Something Blair Waldorf would love to wear!

Macho men in EsAc by AudieAe!

What is PFW without photos against the back drop --

I'm so happy to put up an entry with Aika and Noelle on it. Jeanne, maybe next time, yes? :) We miss you!

 Wish you we're here, Jeanneybeans!

 Noelle's doing very well in school now. So proud of you, baby girl!

Some of my many photos with Aika ♥

As much as I'd like to say more, I'm running out of time. Greatness is Philippine fashion! That's all for now. I hope we can do this more often. Btw! Before we finally left SMX, we saw Rajo Laurel! Here I am with me with one of the country's greatest designers:

MaRajo! Haha :)

Have a great weekend, have a great start of the month--my birth month! 


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