Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Few More Learnings

One shouldn't commit a mistake twice when he said he had already learned from it.
Wounds and bruise hurt, and even if they're healed, they left scars to remind us of things. In life, we are given options--to stay or to go away. Which one do we have to choose?
Watching Gossip Girl for years now, I realized that my life isn't that far from what Blair or Serena or anyone else there has been going through. I'd like to write a book someday and collect all the beautiful quotes written and said, and share my personal stories on it. And just like Blair, the Chuck of her life both love and harm her.

Love isn't enough. You must be happy, too.

Season 5, Episode 20 - Salon of the Dead.
Dan: I don't wanna just melt into your world and lose myself completely. We need a balance.
Not all opposites attract. And not all differences can be changed. They simply have to be... accepted.

Season 3, Episode 12 - The Debarted
Gossip Girl: Sometimes reality comes crashing into us. Other times it dawns on us slowly, despite our best efforts to ignore it.
Reality hurts, it's even more painful than getting inked on the body's boney parts.

Season 1, Episode 10 - Hi, Society
Gossip Girl: It's often said that, no matter the truth, people see that they want to see.
How important other people's opinions are?

And lastly...

Season 5, Episode 17 - The Princess Dowry
Gossip Girl: Even when we think we know everything about the ones we love, there's always a skeleton in their walk-in closet.

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