Thursday, June 07, 2012


For the first time in two years, I hardly had the time to make my face up as much as I want to.

A couple of moments I've said that something new and thrilling is happening. I can't wait to unbox this new event but trust me, I think it's pretty great to possess the virtue of patience.

Every morning I try to open up my eyes after a short seven hours of sleep. It's like I live in a different time zone. My senses are wide awake until one in the morning, far from my daily routine of calling a day at ten in the evening.

At work, I meet new people. And as the day goes by, I slowly reshowing the people around me how youthful and bubbly I really am. I laugh harder than before. I'm not even aware of cracking jokes in unexpected instances. I get to the office, turn on my computer and realize in the next couple of hours that I need to go home. The feeling is like I only stay at my workplace for more or less three hours.

I'm so happy to be placed on where I am now. But a part of me is still missing the life I used to have. I'm slowly adapting, I'm slowly learning. I'm getting used to it. Maybe in a month or two, I'll be better.

I may not know the world, but I'm ready to meet it.

And in less than three weeks, I'm turning another year older. More responsibilities, more chances and so much more.


Suddenly I realized I'm becoming more and more emotional.

I hate it.

Good night! New stories this weekend! :)



  1. Yani!

    I'm also kind of emotional especially when my birthday is nearing. Advanced happy birthday to you! Miss you sis!

    1. Thanks, sis! I miss you too! Oo nga, parang tinotopak mga tao during "birth month" haha! It's even worse than PMS-ing! :D