Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Weeks (Un)Noticed

I missed Superloved!

How's everyone doing? It's Monday night and I'm thankful for Philippine Independence, we're all free to spend the night longer than the usual. I'm staying for extra hours tonight to work on some deliverables--overdue blog entries.

May's officially over and June is here to bring me another year older. But before that, join me as I show you my life in two weeks through snapshots, thanks to my phone camera which captured the itsy bitsy events of the past weeks!

I will blog about the highlights separately, of course! But let me spend the free time to let you know that even if things are keeping me busy, I'll go and find a way to update my blog. :)

A kiss from the birthday boy! Paolo's 26th birthday.

A quick date with Doms and Kim on the night she handed us the invitation cards for Nei-Nei's Christening...

...and a Chewy Junior treat from Doms! Ahhh anything for sweets!

On the 6th day of June, my phone alarmed me of such a sweet reminder. 'Twas our 100th month together! (Oh yes, we still do celebrate monthsaries!) 

Four months have passed and here I am again with some of my college best girl friends! Mika's birthday bash at Tides last Friday! Her birthday won't end until she says so... so happy birthday to the lady behind Maris! Mika, Marianne and Maro reunited :)

On our way to Nei-Nei's Christening the following day with only two hours of sleep! 

My best friend's baby girl is such a Barbie doll! Khara is so beautiful and adorable, just like her Mom (and her Mommy Ninang!):D

With three of my original college Girlfriends: Jovy, Phoebe and Susie. Nothing beats! <3

Mad rush to Kalyx's Christening celebration right after Nei-Nei's! With Une, Kristel and Jec.

Une and I at Barney's pa-party! 

Meet the biggest stars: Nei-Nei and Kalyx! The two main reasons why we're celebrating! :)

I'm still waiting for the high-res photos from all these past events. I promise to share stories about them as soon as I get my copies. 

I hope you all missed Superloved like I do.

Good night and enjoy the Philippine Independence holiday!


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