Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo Bootylicious!

I enjoy photo booths like a little girl enjoying her paper dolls! Though some may find it ordinary or a usual scene on parties, I appreciate taking time in front of the camera and goofing around with people you want to have fun photos with regardless of how many other guests are looking at you while they wait for their turn. It's F-U-N! And my favorite part is, getting the hard copies to display them at home or at work. Remember my posts about Photo Booty? See how I evolved in a year!

Sharing you now my photo booth memories during Nei Nei's Christening party last Saturday. PS: I have lots and I want to post them all!

Super friends!

Temptation Island: ODK!

Pao and I with JC the PHOTOGRAPHER! Naks!

Phoebe and Kimmie, two of my closest-est-est friends in college and in life.

Mamai and Papao! :)

You might have noticed that all of us were wearing almost the same shade--yep! That's the theme: fuchsia pink for girls and purple for the guys. My dress even matched the background of the photo template, so Barney-ish and we like it!

For now I'm still waiting for the photos from JC! Can't wait to write good things about it, plus Mika's birthday celebration at Tides last Friday night. :)


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