Thursday, May 10, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Summer Class

Thinking of gimmicks to make my blog more interesting, I came up with the idea of taking strolls down memory lane every Thursday with the help of my forever favorite social networking site, Multiply.

You remember the days when we all dump and upload our photos, whether flop or not, and still receive over a hundred comments from our contacts per album? I dearly miss those days.


For my first Throwback Thursday post, here's a blast from (the past) our second summer class in college, circa 2008!

Familiar faces? Yes.

With the tisays--my Triplet, Claris and my Kambal, Bianca.

We had no wash days in college but we wanted to "feel" co-ed so during summer classes, we ditched our uniforms on some days. Some of our professors did not mind, though one took it up to the next level. We found out that she's also the Prefect of Discipline! Haha!

Girls: me, Anne, Cheenee, Maan, Kim and Jovy.

Birds of the same feather... wear stripes together! We were surprised to see 4/6 girls wore stripes on the very same day hence a mini-photoshoot! Good thing I always bought my camera with me.

The photos are also proofs that I have loved animal prints since I don't know when. I wish Cha and Phoebe were here, too! 

My boyfriend seemed to enjoy his summer class, too! At LOGBI. ♥

To beat the heat away, we also spent time in malls, specifically the ones nearest to us like TriNoma and The Block, which by the way until now, are our usual go-to places. :)

We had no Instagram then but we got loads of photos! Oh, look at how curvy Susie was, look at Kim's collar bone and my... bangs!

In 2008, frapuccino > milk tea!

We did not also let our second and last summer class end without photos to show how clean and green our FEU campus is! Even in our first few years as friends, we camwhored like yeah!

Peak of the Havaianas trend. Kahit bawal sa school sige pa din!

Kim, Jovy and I dancing to the extremes! (See how beautiful FEU is, too!)

One of my most popular photos in Multiply!

Now there you go. Four years might have passed but I think nothing's changed. Oops, I'm taking it back--there are a few changes but if you know where you stand and when you know how your friends value you and your friendship, you're on the right path. Keep going!

Lalala I just said too much. Seriously, Kim's now a happy wife and mom and Jovy's got shorter and browner hair now. Susie's slimmer than ever and I rarely see Anne, Cheenee and Miles. Also Cha and Phoebe. Those are the changes I'm talking about!

Hope you enjoyed the trip like I do. Until next Throwback Thursday!