Thursday, July 19, 2012

TV5 Press Launch

What we worked for over a week was the TV5 Press Launch which happened last Tuesday at Elements in Eton Centris. 

TV5 launched its new primetime programs: Enchanted Garden, Third Eye and Artista Academy. Raffle prizes, gorgeous giveaways and different pakulo were all present in the event. 

It was the first (formal) event I attended with my new team. As you know, I was transferred to Entertainment from Broadcast Operations. I'm really happy and thankful to have bosses who value the career growth of their people. :)

Everybody, please meet my new Kapatids from the Business Development team of TV5 Entertainment:

Jo-Jo, Jay, Nico and Iya. 

The famous women of TV5 Entertainment with my new boss/mom, Mommy Ris (in blue). Pretty no? <3

One of the boyzzz.

With our Iya-belly because our Minnakins was sick. 

With Myk and M and Chuck of TV5 Corporate PR. 

And of course you know I love photo booths:

Jay feeling his fake hair!

Iya's jeje pose!

Enchanted Garden inspired.

My new family with Habibi :)

I'm so happy to have a new family without leaving TV5. But to be honest, of course I really do miss my Nova family. Konting tiis-tiis lang magkakasama kaming lahat ulit sa Reliance. :)


P.S. -- Please support Artista Academy, Enchanted Garden and Third Eye on TV5 Primetime! 


  1. TV5 post a wonderful images that what they performed in a last week.the new premiere program was very nice.

    1. Thank you! Please support our pilot eps this July 30. :)