Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Be Informed.

The rain has not stopped pouring wildly since last night. Metro Manila is drenched in floods, affecting major roads and highways and small towns. In 2009, we suffered from the inclemency of typhoon Ondoy. Once again, our country's called to act as one and to help each other in the time we most need each other. 

Social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are very useful as they spread millions of voices of the needy. Let's all be informed and let's all inform the others. 

Here are some useful tips, emergency hotlines, people/groups who can help us and ways to help our fellowmen:

1. Who to follow on Twitter: @News5Aksyon, @Interaksyon, @Rescue5PH, @ANCALERTS, @gmanews, @rapplerdotcom, @MMDA and @dost_pagasa. Celebrities who also extend their hands to help include Divine Lee and Jenni Epperson.

2. Use the hashtags #RescuePH, #ReliefPH, #FloodsPH, #PHAlerts, #PrayForThePhilippines on Twitter to see tweets and updates from all users even if you don't follow them.

3. Conserve the batteries of your cellphones, laptops and other useful gadgets. Prepare ready to eat meals, drinking waters and safeguard all your important documents such as birth certificates, passports in waterproof bags.

4. Bear in mind these photos, keep calm and do not panic:

5. Above all, PRAY.




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    1. Hi, Kaiye! I only got to see this now. Sorry! But of course, sure you can! :)