Sunday, February 03, 2013

January 2013

The first month of the year just passed by and as I enjoy my fifth month of pregnancy, I haven't gotten the chance to blog at all. My mind is so filled with many stories to tell. I am so happy to be surrounded by happy and supportive friends, teammates and family. 

Now to give my great January 2013 a wrap:

TV5 Go 5! Press and Trade Launch with one of my sponsors, Mr. Raymond Gorospe, General Manager of Sky Fitness Manila.

Jovy's kinda flop "denim" party haha!:)

Photobooth shots from Zack's 7th birthday party.

More of Zack's birthday...

...and pool party. Girlfriends with my high school super friend Ram. :)

And finally! Monthly Period friends during DLSAU's Foundation Day. I didn't stay for so long though, but I'm glad to spend an hour or so with my greatest barkada.

Everyone, I'm pleased to introduce my new teammates Tim, Jess and Paco. I bet you already know Lanz and that old gentleman (HAHAHA) Jay! Calling, calling Honey!

There you go, so that's how my days went by. Definitely full of fun! :) Now it's my favorite month, I bet this is going to be filled with L-O=V-E! Have a fab Feb! <3


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