Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toto-ong Kaibigan, Maligayang Kaarawan

You know it's better for surprises to be given late than never.

Belated happy birthday, Toto! I am 6 days late, 1 day before I become 1 week late. Sorry if I have to say putangina mo... I recall you said you want to be badmouthed on your birthday to make it different, compared to the usual "Happy birthday!" greetings. 

Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, sinasamahan ka kumain kahit saan.

Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, lagi kang tinutuksong bilihin ang mga bagay na hindi mo naman talaga kailangan.

Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, sinasabayan ka mag-order para hingian kayo ng barya kapag kinulang ka o kaya para magpalibre pag walang pera.

Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, masarap kainuman... at lagi mong kainuman!

Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, palagi mong kasabwat sa lahat ng kalokohan.

 Ang TOTO-ong kaibigan, sinasamahan ka sa oras ng pangangailangan, kawalan, kalungkutan at kasiyahan. (Naaalala mo ba 'tong dalawang larawan na ito? :D)

Thank you for being my best gay friend on earth. Thank you for cursing my haters, thank you for being the bitch in behalf of me. Thank you for almost 17 wonderful years of friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A million thank yous will never be enough but I know you deserve to be thanked for.

Your TOTO days are spent with me. Remember when we used to push-pull our little chairs under our table when we were in Kinder 2? I will never forget your smile during those days, I bet you're giggling over our former classmate, Joel Galang. :>

You're one of the very few friends I give my complete trust to, not to mention my dark, little secrets (wait, do I have some? HAHA). I know you're going to blackmail me eventually but just in case you change your mind not to do that connivance with Jec anymore... thanks a lot in advance! 

 Happy birthday and I love you, TOTO-o kong kaibigan! :)


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