Monday, January 02, 2012

Holiday Hangover

Cheers to 2012, everyone! Here's my first ever blog post for this new year. I got so busy over the holidays, barely had time to visit Superloved and post new entries. And since the Yuletide spirit is still with us, I'm rolling all the happenings (from Christmas parties to birthdays to reunions, etc) this recent holiday in a single post. But prepare yourselves for a real photo-loaded story, I tried to cut the number of images but.. it was hard. Enjoy reading! :)

Tropang Logbi Christmas Party 

The same college barkada Paolo and I share celebrated Christmas last December 17 at Garahe 25. It's a big  group mostly composed of boys so don't expect to see some gift-giving activities for boys hate giving presents! :P The party poured beers however. Add sexy girls who promote beers.. it was really fun, at least for them. But seriously, it was a fun night. Year-end party plan did not push through, though.

Monthly Period Christmas Dinner

We had the North Park in TriNoma all by ourselves last December 19. We did not reserve for exclusivity but we loved the fact that the place was not too crowded because it was a Monday night. We exchanged gifts and gave my friends some cheapo presents but I'm so happy they liked it.

Yang Chow overload! And dim sum and noodles and all Chinese goodies! So yummy!

Mia gave me a 5-piece brush set from Charm. Yay! :)

"Our future is so bright, we must wear sunglasses!"

Exclusive for Monthly Period. ♥

We had numerous Christmas parties in the past, add grade school and high school parties to that, but this one's really memorable! It was the night we became friends with our dearest Lovi Poe, too! And this dinner did not involve drinking alcohol. I am so proud of ourselves for we put career first and fought alcoholic temptation. Yeah!

Mark's & Irene's Birthday-Slash-Christmas-Slash-Reunion-With-Grade-School-And-High-School-Friends-Party

Whew! This epic party happens every 21st day of December of the year. If it's true that the world would end this year, then you will know where we are and who we are with. :P And after two years of not bringing Paolo with me, I finally brought him back at the Pelayo's residence this time. Shocking for him to see my friends grow bigger... and better!

With the "outstanding" birthday boy, Mark!

With the birthday girl, Irene, and Toto and Kay: my friends since 1993!

My high school bffs and our bfs! So cute!

As usual, this annual epic party is awesome! I also skipped alcohol that night (and drank milk tea with Mika instead) because I learned my lesson the day after I drank with Tropang Logbi people. I almost puked on the third night of Simbang Gabi! Told myself to continue fighting that kind of temptation until I complete the novena Mass and hey, it was a success!

Christmas 2011

The best people to spend Christmas with: FAMILY. Never, ever fails. Happier this time, too, because our dearest Mama Nene (my Dad's sister, in peach top), went home from Taiwan to spend the holidays with us. Our cousins from Cavite also took a trip up north to celebrate Christmas with us.

Made these for Noche Buena!

My gift for my lucky baby monita! And greetings from Hello Kitty too!

Dedma sa gulo ng garahe. Paolo came to celebrate Christmas with us! We look like cousins already.

The girls with Mama. :)

I got half of my Christmas wishlist this year! Thank you to those who surprised me with presents! But what made my Christmas the happiest is being with my family and my boyfriend. Not a single thing can ever compare to what I feel when I'm with them. <3

My Mom's 50th Birthday

Our golden wonder woman turned 50 two days after Christmas. I took a leave from work to help my Mom prepare her much-awaited birthday party. I'm also proud to tell you that it was me and my elder sister, Ate Mai, who threw this party for her with my dad's and younger sister's support! Seeing her happy is priceless!

Cupcakes from Blushing Cupcakes!

We do not have enough photos because we got so busy that night. And another highlight of Mom's party is the attendance of Paolo's family! My family finally met his mom and his siblings at home! Such a wonderful occasion! Now I want them to be friends on Facebook. :P


The last day of Yuletide celebration is the first day of the year. Life's like this, so the best thing to deal with this irony is to be with your family. For 2012, we had the "Shining, Shimmering" theme. Just in case you did not notice, we wore something with sequins, glitters, lights and anything glowing!


Jai ho! I pouted and found out I was wearing a mask.

My baby girl Reesha gave me the sweetest kiss!

Some of the girls in the family!

The cute kids and proud titas!  

I hosted our new year's eve party and the kids had a severe hangover on the day of January first! They all woke me up at 10 in the morning and demanded me to throw games for them. I made some cupcakes for them instead because I'm suffering from sore throat. The smile on their faces while dancing Teach Me How To Dougie and Super Bass (the ONLY songs we played that eve) and while playing parlor games like paper dance, stop dance, bring me, simon says, trip to jerusalem reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas for children.

Again, happy holidays and let's cheer to this fresh, new year! I promise to post a follow-up blog entry for 2012, my to-dos, goals to achieve and resolution-like ideas to make me a better person this year. Aaaaand keep posted, Superloved's birthday is fast approaching. This blog is turning one this month!


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  1. Oh wow, looks like the holidays was a lot of fun for you! Happy new year! xx