Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busyness Is Next To Success

Being employed for two years in TV5, this week so far is the busiest of all. I never even had the chance to stay in front of my desktop for five long days.

New exciting things are happening in my career now yet I can't share them for now. I'm itching to tell even a hint but I'm too scared to have it jinxed again. Patience, patience! All I know is my busyness is leading me to the right-er path. Oh gosh I am so lucky and thankful to be surrounded only by the best and the brightest in the industry.

While running on the streets with my high heels on and with a kiss of Morange lipstick on my smackers, I realized that new lessons in life, too girly or not, are learned everyday, everywhere.

Some of them, let me share with you.

1. Never buy shoes when you aren't going to use them. Two pairs of shoes are worn this week after finding out that they are starting to peel off. 

2. Related to number 1, I shall practice walking (and running) in heels again. I thought running a la Ashley in Just My Luck is so AHA days. Ever since I became a Kapatid, I have loved flats and wedges like I have never loved them before. It's time to rekindle my love for temporary heights.

3. Writing is smarter than talking... always. But isn't it lovely to sound smart every time you utter a word? I hate conyo like I'm asar talaga when I hear people speak that way. Hahaha. But seriously, it's time for me to practice my speech and sound like a real professional does and not the pa-sosyal way. Peace! :)

4. Never compare. When you start comparing, you start losing yourself. When you think someone is a threat, you're losing the game. Love yourself, be yourself! 

5. Be thankful to those who know your worth. Like I've said many times, I'm so lucky to be a baby of such a powerful group. I reach for my dreams with my feet (in heels) glued on the ground. 

6. Always smile. It brightens up the mood of others and boozes up the confidence in you. And who knows, your smile can save a life. Yes it does! 

7. Surround yourself with true friends. And stay away to those you know who will only do you harm. Thank you, Monthly Period. 

Have a great weekend! :)


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