Monday, May 21, 2012

Half Of May

This blog post has been buried alive, blame it to Google's Picasa blah blah which stopped me from uploading photos because according to it, I already reached my 1GB quota.

I badly wanted to show you the highlights of May since weekend. It was the only time I had a breath of life from all the momentous, spontaneous and bonggacious happenings in my life. Who am I to complain when I'm slowly seeing the rest of the metro right before my eyes on weekdays? :)

Still, at the end of the day, I'm the same Superloved my readers know--bubbly, simple, and sees the good things in shallow things.

I also caught a low fever last Wednesday and only found relief yesterday. My voice is back, I can sing again on the top of my lungs. The weather's real crazy that my daily dose of multivitamins isn't enough. How much more if I didn't quit smoking and/or I don't eat a lot of fruits and veggies?

And now that I'm starting to say a lot, here are the eight photos Google Picasa blah blah forbid me to upload. Naisahan ko pa din sya, kahit paano! Hahahaha!


An impromptu dinner was served one rainy Friday. Mia, Toto and I decided to spend a night while waiting for the heavy rain to calm down. We had noodles and lugaw and good talks at North Park. I'm saying this for a gazillion times: unplanned ones always happen to be the best!

I brought my iPad with me so we took a lot of photos while sipping our hot cup of house tea. iPad’s Photo Booth is such a cutiepie! Too much wacky photos we had including Mia’s boob enhancement! Haha!

After an hour of carefree talks and overshared storytelling with each other, Paolo’s mom arrived at North Park with Miguel, Paolo’s youngest brother, and his cousins’ children. I didn’t know they were coming and I was laughing hardcore when I found out they were all looking at me! I took photos with the kids after. Oh, I also finally introduced Mia to Julianna! Julianna’s the daughter of Paolo’s cousin and we swore they really resemble each other. Mia can even qualify as our little girl’s sister or mother! 

MAY 10

Everytime I go to Paolo’s house in Novaliches, I pass by a learning center fenced in a colorful wall. I call this “the happy wall” for it always brighten my mood up and looking at it distresses me. I love colors! I think it’s somehow related to me being cheerful and in good spirits most of the time.

 I see colors!

MAY 12

Sandwiched between Miguel’s birthday celebration (he turned 15 last May 10), we ended his birthday treats with a dinner at Max’s together with the Musketeers Ken, Paching and Kyle and watched the last full show of Johnny Depp’s The Dark Shadows. While waiting for the movie to start, Pat accompanied me to buy cake for Mother’s Day. I was supposed to order from Starbucks since I’m very clueless on where to buy and time constraint, I wasn’t able to place my orders at Purple Oven. Good thing, I asked the right person to help me, she suggested Tour Les Jours—a bread house located at the ground floor of The Block. Foodie alert! We also got to try Octoboy the night before with the entire family. 

With Patricia.

 MAY 16

You shall meet them soon. But of course you know Ate Badeth! 

 Clockwise from left: Iya, Ate Badeth, me, Minna at Kabisera.

Other highlights include Mother’s Day last May 13 and my parents’ 31st anniversary as husband and wife. I’m thinking if I shall blog about the latter separately but I have no photo to support the entry. Hehe.

Enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week! :)


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