Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A New Life Is Coming

Weeks have passed, my silence brought me to a decision that will change my life forever. I can't even contain the happiness I'm feeling but there is something I'm certain of right now.

Happy news become the happiest when shared with your closest, best friends. 

I simply cannot wait for that day to come. The day I was sent to the hospital taught me so many lessons in life and made me realize that life is always full of surprises. The opening may not always begin with a big bang, but God never gives us something He knows we can't handle and overcome. I am beyond thankful for my parents, sisters, cousins and few friends who share the most exciting, life changing moment I'm currently in.

And if the world only knows how much I want that day to come, I'm super sure that it would throw the petals and the confetti for me.

I'm new, complete, and whole again. 

Thank you for this wonderful gift. I've never been excited to embrace this new life coming. And oh, should I say it's on its way? :)


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